Being PRoductive Over Winter Break


It feels like an eternity since I’ve been on here. My apologies for the hiatus. Before I knew it the end of the term with finals, presentations, papers and a knee surgery came faster than I expected!

I am cherishing this winter break because it will be the last month-long break I will have for quite some time. As college students we tend to forget that in the “real world” we will not get these long holiday breaks. I intend to spend every minute of it wisely.

Speaking of spending the time wisely, as public relations professionals in training we cannot afford to take a complete mental pause during winter break. Don’t get me wrong, I will certainly be using a fair share of the time to relax, spend time with my family and scarf down delicious holiday foods. However, with as much time as we have over winter break, we should be using some of it to work on prepping for job/internship hunting (it will come faster than you think) and building our personal brands. Continue reading


Weekly Roundup 10.31


Happy Halloween! Before you get your costume on and start tonight’s activities, take some time to see what has been going on this week.


NYC PR Girls took this spooky holiday as an opportunity to remind us of the scary PR mistakes you can make. Take a minute to review so you don’t create a nightmare for yourself. Continue reading

Creepy Clowns: The Power of Social Media

It’s that time of year: Halloween. This holiday brings out all the ghoulish and creepy terrors we all have nightmares about. It’s all about the spirit of the holiday, right?

I happen to love Halloween. Although I would not necessarily volunteer to traipse through a haunted house full of bloody zombies, I do love the costumes, movies and the overall eerie feel of this month. That is why when I first heard about The Wasco Clown, I had to figure out what he was all about.

If you haven’t seen him yet, this is The Wasco Clown.

wasco clown 3

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How to Work Effectively in a Team Setting

As I forge through the first week of classes I am finding that most upper-division PR courses require team assignments and projects. This makes perfect sense to me; when we get out into the ‘real world’ we will most likely be working in teams on client work. It is so important to be able to successfully accomplish tasks together in a team setting, yet it is something that many people struggle with. I thought I would share some of the tips I have used in the past that have helped me and my teams work cohesively and successfully to produce projects with minimal stress.



When you first get into a team it’s important to assign each person a role and to make sure that everyone knows his or her responsibilities. Identifying a strong leader is essential for keeping the team on track and organized. Next, it’s a good idea to assign roles for each team member by recognizing his or her strengths and coordinating accordingly. Make sure each member knows what he or she is taking on and how it will be contributing to the overall goal. Continue reading

Eight Tips for Success as a PR Student

It’s almost time for college students on the quarter system to head back to school again. I happen to love getting back into classes each fall. Everyone is refreshed from summer break, football is just getting started and we get to crack open some new books for the term. This year is bittersweet for me. I am heading into my senior year, and I’m wondering how my time in college flew by. As I reflect on my experiences so far, I thought I would share some tips for public relations students heading back to school this fall.

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