How to Create a Diverse Workplace


Diversity in the workplace is so important for all companies today. There are many benefits of hiring and maintaining a diverse group of employees. If you choose to hire from a diverse group of workers, there is a larger pool to choose from, and it’s more likely your team will be more qualified. This will also create more innovation and creativity within your work environment from the mixture of cultures, races, ethnicities, sexual orientation, gender identity, and more. Having this diverse workforce will guarantee that your company can reach its audience from every angle with views and input from every background.

We can see many companies within the public relations industry making an effort to create a diverse work environment. In a recent article Tiffany Gallicano, Ph.D., notes that companies like Edelman, Porter Novelli and Fleishman-Hillard have introduced programs starting at the college level to educate and recruit employees from many backgrounds. However, there is still more work to be done to foster diverse workplaces in our industry. Let’s take a look at how to create a more diverse-friendly work environment.

Recognize your company’s needs

Start by evaluating the community you work in and what your audience or market looks like. More often than not, it’s going to be pretty diverse. Take note of the different backgrounds all around you and how you could create the same type of mix into your own company. In public relations, this concept is known as requisite variety.

Hire intelligently

Based on what your company needs, hire accordingly. An article in the Wall Street Journal suggests connecting with colleges and organizations in your community to recruit, as well as taking referrals from employees you already have to find the most diverse pool.

Create a diversity workshop or training for your employees

The best way to ensure cohesiveness within your company is to provide the resources for your employees to also understand the benefits of having diversity within the workplace and how to work effectively in that environment.

Prepare new hires for leadership positions

The best way to maintain this positive, corporate identity is to create opportunities for the new hires to move into leadership positions. We can see a positive example of this in Miami’s PRSA chapter mentioned in an article by Del Galloway, APR. As you continue to diversify your workforce, make sure that this follows through into those executive positions.



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