Weekly Roundup 1.30

Can you believe it’s almost February? Time is already flying by this year, so be sure to stay up on what’s going on in our industry. I’m here again this week to help you do just that.

Here is your Weekly Roundup.

WR 1.30

A new social networking site has popped up, and it has media professionals curiously waiting for an exclusive invitation. The site, “This.”, can only be accessed by those invited to participate and only has about 4,500 users currently. It’s meant to be used to share just one link a day and to “thank” others for the links they have shared. Read more from Molly Oswaks about this intriguing new social platform over at The New York Times.


As PR practitioners we are constantly pitching to journalists and other media professionals. Arik Hanson shares some of his insight about how to pitch to modern journalists on PR Daily.


Blogging is a great way for a company to share original content with its audience, but sometimes it’s easy forget the basics of effective content distribution. Gini Dietrich gave a great overview of the most important ways to share content to gain new readers on Spin Sucks this week.


Many of us will be graduating in the spring. Check out some things to avoid doing at work from PR Couture to prepare yourself for a job in the PR industry. These are great things to think about before you step into the office on the first day.


There is so much content being shared online and so many people reaching out to media professionals every day; sometimes it can be difficult to make your company stand out from all the others. Jon Bier from Jack Taylor PR shares five tips he’s come across over the years to help you cut through the all of the online noise.


The more I talk to professionals in the industry, the more I am hearing that great writing skills are a must in our line of work. Diane Schwartz over at PR News Online gives us five tips to become an even more effective writer and PR professional.


Have an awesome weekend and stay curious.





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