Weekly Roundup 9.26



Happy first week of fall! Here is this week’s roundup:

When it comes to networking, practice makes perfect. Networking can be intimidating for some people, so this article by John Boitnott may come in handy. He shares music industry networking tips with Entrepreneur this week that can be utilized in any business setting.

Here are some positive statistics for those of us who write as part of our profession: an infographic by Grammerly shows that people with strong writing skills get paid more.

Daphne Gray-Grant talks about the rules for media interviews on Spin Sucks. It’s important to have key messages and phrases to use to turn the negative questions into positive responses when dealing with the media.

Let’s talk about Beyoncé. Three Girls Media shows how Queen B uses her publicity and branding to maintain her superstar status. PR tips from B? Yea, you need to check these out.

Want to start creating engaging infographics but don’t know where to start? Marcela De Vivo from Gryffin Media gives an extensive overview and many tips about making infographics on Social Media Examiner. Everything you need to know, right here.

This week Mashable came across a new Instagram sensation that I am definitely going to follow: Doug the Pug. If you love pugs as much as I do, go follow his account to follow his adventures.

This first week of fall we have experienced some rainy days here in Oregon. I could not be happier about the cold weather and have been using some of my time inside looking up food for autumn. Get ready to get in the kitchen with these delicious recipes:

Pumpkin spice energy bites from The Beauty Department//Pumpkin spice raisin buns and pumpkin pie spice peanut butter cookies from Baking Bites//Pumpkin chocolate chip baked breakfast cookies from Fitnessista//Gluten-free pear muffins from The Food Network



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