Weekly Roundup 9.12


Are you constantly scanning news aggregators, refreshing your social media feeds and skimming blogs you’ve bookmarked? I will admit – I am one of those people who is insatiably trying to soak up information. It may look like I’m playing Candy Crush all day on my phone; however, I am actually relentlessly reading and posting. I am more drawn to public relations, social media and writing related articles than I am to, say, articles about geocaching because of my chosen field of study (though there is no doubt that I am intrigued by geocachers and their quest for hidden treasure).

So, I am starting this series to share articles that catch my eye each week with you. Most will be geared towards the public relations industry, but you never know what interesting finds I will come across!


Here’s your weekly roundup:

Do you ever feel like you don’t have enough space in your closet for everything? These fashion bloggers certainly don’t have that problem. StyleCaster gives us a glimpse into 25 fashion bloggers closets…. and it’s pretty amazing. Try not to get too jealous.

If you’re working in PR, you are probably going to be writing press releases often. Mickie Kennedy shares some tips to keep in mind to improve your releases on PR Daily. A little refresher won’t do any harm.

Visuals are so important for creating a memorable brand. This week on Spin Sucks Peter LaMotte shares his suggestions for making visual content that will boost your brand’s image in no time.

It is pretty well known that the public relations profession can be a very stressful one at times. The NYC PR Girls give us some tips for staying positive when you seem bogged down by the hectic lifestyle of a PR pro.

This week Apple announced the new iPhones and Apple Watch it will be launching. If you weren’t streaming the conference live or following it on Twitter, here’s a recap from Molly Wood at The New York Times. I’m a little obsessed with the Apple Watch already.

Are you ready for game day tomorrow?! I know I am despite the early game time tomorrow at Autzen. If you need a little refresher of what the Ducks’ game looks like tomorrow, catch this from Addicted to Quack. Go Ducks!



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