How to Make the Most of Your PR Internship

This summer I have had the opportunity to intern at an amazing public relations firm in Portland- LT Public Relations. This was my first internship, and I came on board eager to learn. Not only have I been able to attend every team meeting and work on different client accounts, I have also tagged along to a training session and even a golf tournament we helped sponsor. I feel so fortunate to have absorbed all the information I have this summer from the PR pros at LTPR. Now I’m here to share my tips to make your next public relations internship worthwhile for both you and your employer.


Be flexible
Every day is different in the PR industry, so expect to have different projects and tasks each day. Be on your toes and ready to take on anything that is thrown your way.

I cannot stress how important it is to ask questions during your internship. The goal is to gain experience and to learn. Pick your superiors’ brains. Also ask for feedback on your writing or any other work as you go along so you can improve.

Stay organized
If you have multiple projects going on, make sure to keep a planner with the deadlines you were given. Always come to every meeting with a pen and notepad to take notes!

Share your ideas
Sometimes looking over a document or strategy with a fresh pair of eyes is the most useful tool. Take initiative and come up with new ideas or tactics. You’re new to the company and can provide new, valuable input.

Stay busy
If you run out of tasks for the day, take that time to work on a long-term project or find something new to take on. Don’t be afraid to ask for more work. Your managers have a lot on their plate that they could probably use some help with.

Dress for success
Make sure you understand what is appropriate for your company. When in doubt, business casual should always be your go-to attire.

Go out and rock those internships!



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